Spirit 2013 - 2014


Rebel Revue & Cheerleader Advisor: Mrs. Maria Hanes
Rebel Revue Coach: Ms. Lauren Olivier
Varsity & JV Cheerleader Coach: Mrs. Nicky McIntosh
Freshmen Cheerleader Coach: Ms. Brittany Schambough




The cheerleaders are members of the school spirit organization. This group includes the Varsity Cheerleaders, Junior Varsity Cheerleaders, Freshmen Cheerleaders and Mascots. The purpose is to provide and promote school spirit at athletic events. Impartial judges are hired to select cheerleaders and tryouts are held each spring. All eligible students must have at least a 1.5 GPA at the time of tryouts, and must maintain that average each quarter.


The Rebel Revue dancers are members of the school spirit organization. The dancers perform during halftime at all football games and home varsity basketball games. They perform at pep rallies, assemblies, and various school functions. Rebel Revue members are required to attend summer camp and national competition. Being a member requires dedication, hard work, and responsibility. To be eligible, one must have a 1.5 grade point average, be in good standing with the school presently attending, and must attend a two day workshop prior to the tryouts. Conducted by impartial judges, tryouts are held in the spring.




2013-2014 Rebel Revue


Brooke Badeaux
Shelby Carrier
Kaylie Darbonne
Arielle Grider (Captain)
Breigh Anna LeBlanc (Co-Captain)
Lacy Lee
Peyton Lemaire
Jacey Mouton (Co-Captain)
Meagan Ortego
Charley Prejean (Chaplain)
Laurel Prejean
Taylor Sonnier
Molly Trahan


2013-2014 Varsity Cheerleaders

Hannah Arnaud
Blair Benton (Co-Captain)
Kristen Blanchard
Tanner Cordick
Adele Cosse’
Macey Daigle
Allison Daspit (Chaplain)
Haiden Dupre
Danielle Dupuis
Hannah Guidry
Sye Hebert
Rachael Hill
Jordin Jacob
Bethani Leger
Molly McIntyre
Kameron Monlezun
Alexis Mouton
Hanna Poche’
Samantha Prejean (Squad Coordinator)
Maddy Scrantz
Sydni Talley
Mallori Taylor
Alex Walters
Madi Wilson (Captain)


2013-2014 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders

Bailie Benton
Hannah Blakely
Emma Brignac
Keeley Colarelli
Kailyn Doiron (Chaplain)
Madison Friloux
Allyson Huval (Captain)
Raven Kidder
Lani Landry
McKenzie Melancon
Chelsea Nowell

Alayna Sonnier



2013-2014 Freshmen Cheerleaders

Sara Benson
Hailey Bourque
Emily Buller
Colleen Cahanin (Co-Captain)
Malea Cardosa
Alyssa Carter (Captain)
Gabrielle Castille
Julia Guilbeau
Kennedy Koenig (Chaplain)
Hannah Laviolette
Mayci Lyons
Shelbie Mayer
Mallory McIntyre
Lauren Neumeyer
Keely Provost
Christian Whaley















All photos on this page are courtesy of Butch Mouton Photography.



2013 - 2014 Rebel Revue

Back Row: Lacy Lee, Laurel Prejean, Meagan Ortego, Arielle Grider, Breigh Anna LeBlanc, Charley Prejean,  Jacey Mouton  Middle Row: Shelby Carrier, Molly Trahan, Taylor Sonnier, Brooke Badeaux  Front Row: Peyton Lemaire, Kaylie Darbonne 





 2013 - 2014 Varsity Cheerleaders


Back Row: Hanna Poche’, Bethani Leger, Rachael Hill, Danielle Dupuis, Molly McIntyre, Kameron Monlezun, Alex Walters,  Jordin Jacob  Middle Row: Macey Daigle, Hannah Arnaud, Mallori Taylor, Alexis Mouton, Blair Benton, Samantha Prejean, Haiden Dupre, Tanner Cordick, Adele Cosse’   Front Row: Maddy Scrantz, Sydni Talley, Hannah Guidry, Allison Daspit, Madi Wilson, Sye Hebert, Kristen Blanchard 



 2013 - 2014 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders

Back Row: Alayna Sonnier, Lani Landry, Keeley Colarelli, McKenzie Melancon, Allyson Huval  Front Row: Kailyn Doiron, Emma Brignac, Chelsea Nowell, Hannah Blakely, Raven Kidder, Bailie Benton  Not Pictured: Madison Friloux 



 2013 - 2014 Freshmen Cheerleaders

Back Row: Hailey Bourque, Kennedy Koenig, Malea Cardosa, Mallory McIntyre, Shelbie Mayer  Middle Row: Sara Benson, Colleen Cahanin, Hannah Laviolette, Emily Buller, Christian Whaley, Mayci Lyons  Front Row: Keely Provost, Julia Guilbeau, Gabbi Castille, Lauren Neumeyer, Alyssa Carter 






2013 - 2014 Senior Spirit Members






2013 - 2014 Junior Spirit Members






2013 - 2014 Sophomore Spirit Members






2013 - 2014 Freshmen Spirit Members







SCA National Cheerleading Champions 1994, 1998, 1999, 2004


National Runners-up Small Varsity Hip Hop 2010

Small Varsity Jazz Semifinalist

(National Dance Team Championship - Orlando, Florida)


Louisiana State Jazz Dance Champions 1998, 1999, 2000, 2007


Overall Best Choreography Award - State Dance Championships January 10, 2010


Louisiana State Pom Dance Champions 1998, 1999, 2011


Louisiana State Hip Hop Dance Champions 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010


American All-Star Division I Sweepstakes Winners 2007


2nd Louisiana State Hip Hop Dance Championships 2011


3rd Jazz U.D.A. National Championships 2004


4th Hip Hop U.D.A. National Championships 2006


5th Hip Hop U.D.A. National Championships 2009


7th Jazz U.D.A. National Championships 2005


7th Hip Hop U.D.A. National Championships 2007


8th Hip Hop U.D.A. National Championships 2008


13th National Dance Team Championships (NDTC) Small Varsity Jazz 2001


14th Jazz U.D.A. National Championships 2008