Congratulations to the 2014-15 Lady Rebel Freshman Volleyball Team: 


Kammi Danenberg, Lorin Martin,Emily Brasseaux, Olivia Guidry, Morgan Judice,

Kinley Breaux,Rani Hebert, Mariah Harris, Caroline Staples,

Sarah Broussard, Hailey Prevost, Olivia Cunningham, Chloe Hamilton



Congratulations to the 2014-15 Lady Rebel Volleyball Team:


Madison Proctor, Alyssa Breaux, Kynnedie Maloz, Lindsey Breaux, Ryan Delhomme, Kristen Hamilton,

Bailey Broussard, Karrigan Danenberg, MC Guidry, Camryn Romero, Taylor Macip, Abby Danos, Brie Baudier, Brooke Bourgeois, Cailey Goulas, Elizabeth Comeaux, Gabrielle Capdepon, Gretta Collet,

Kenedi Habetz, Lexi Hebert, Mackenzie Marze, Sadi Jones, Kylan James



Please refer to the letter you received at tryouts for important dates. 

If you have any questions please contact Coach T at thebert@tchs.net


2013 - 2014 School Year


Congratulations to the 2013 LHSAA Division 3 State Volleyball Champions!!!





The girls volleyball program consists of varsity, junior varsity and freshmen squads. Practice begins in early August and concludes with the state tournament in November. Practice consists of gymnasium practice, weight training and summertime conditioning. Tryouts take place in Spring.


TCH Volleyball Tryouts for the 2014-2015 school year will be on:


May 19-21 Incoming Freshmen 3:30-6:00

May 21-22 All current TCH students 3:30-6:00




Division III State Champs Rebel Volleyball Academy 2014 Summer Series

Click here for more information and registration info.




Head Coach: Terry Hebert

Assistant Coach: Bryan Barrett

Statisticians: Taylor Macip, Katie Granger, Harley Jacob, Eliana Carrier, Kiley Thibodeaux



Shea Hebert

 Macy Miller

Hillary Washington

Madison Proctor

Alyssa Breaux

Allison Edney

Kynnedie Maloz

Kristen Hamilton

Lindsey Breaux

Ryan Delhomme




Head Coach: Bryan Barrett
Assistant Coach: Terry Hebert


Lindsey Breaux

Ryan Delhomme

Bailey Broussard

Olivia Broussard

Gabrielle Callier

Claire Champagne

Karrigan Danenberg

Renee Delhomme

Gabrielle Fortier

Mari-Catherine Guidry

Casey Potts

Camryn Romero

Samantha Signorelli


Assistant Coach: Bryan Barrett, Terry Hebert


Abby Danos

Brie Baudier

Brooke Bourgeois

Cailey Goulas

Elizabeth Comeaux

Gabrielle Capdepon

Gretta Collet

Kenedi Habetz

Lexi Hebert

Mackenzie Marze

Sadi Jones

Kylan James



rv: 10/15/13

Rebel Volleyball 2013



DATE                                                             LOCATION



14                Barbe (Scrimmage Fresh, JV,V)              TCH      3:30/4:30/5:30

21                LHS (Scrimmage JV,V)                           LHS       3:30/4:30        

28                Jamboree                                             TCH             

29                Jamboree                                             TCH

29                JV Jamboree                                         AHS      



3                  Barbe                                                  Barbe   3:30/4:30/5:30

5                  ESA                                                     ESA      4:00/5:00/6:00

6                  TCH Freshman Tourney                         TCH             

10                STM                                                    TCH     4:30/5:30/6:30 

16                AES                                                    AES      4:00/5:00/6:00

19                NV                                                      TCH      3:00/4:00/5:00

20-21            Ursaline Tourney (Varsity Only)           UA     

20                STM Fresh. Tourney                           STM                   

24                Crowley                                             Crowley    4:30/5:30/6:30

26                CPHS                                                 TCH      3:00/4:00/5:00        

28                AES Tourney (Varsity Only)                 AES

30                Iota                                                   Iota     4:30/5:30/6:30



1                  Rayne                                                 Rayne    4:30/5:30/6:30

2                  Norte Dame                                         ND        4:00/5:00/6:00

4                  Comeaux Fresh. Tourney                      Comeaux   

5                  Comeaux JV Tourney                            Comeaux      

8                  NHS                                                    NHS      4:30/5:30/6:30

10                NWHS                                                 TCH      4:00/5:00

12                Central High JV Tourney                       CHS             

15                NV                                                      NV        4:30/5:30/6:30

16                Crowley                                              TCH      4:00/5:00

19                NISH Tourney (Varsity Only)                NISH

22                CPHS                                                  CPHS     4:30/5:30/6:30

23                Rayne                                                 TCH      3:30/4:30/5:30       

29                Iota (Senior Night)(Freshman Confirmed)  TCH      4:30/5:30/6:30

30-31            Spooktactular (Varsity Only)                ESA          


1-2               Spooktactular (Varsity Only)                ESA

7                  Bi-District                                           TBA

11                Regional - TCH vs. Morgan City                                TCH 5:30

14-16            State Tourney                                    Kenner




2013 All District Volleyball Team

1st Team

Shea Hebert

Madison Proctor

Hillary Washington (Also District MVP)

Kynnedie Maloz (also District Libero)

Macy Miller


2nd Team

Kristen Hamilton

Alyssa Breaux


Honorable Mention

Allison Edney

District Coach of the Year

Coach Terry Hebert


2013 All Acadiana Volleyball Team

1st Team

Shea Hebert

Hillary Washington


2nd Team

Madison Proctor


All Acadiana Coach of the Year Coach

Terry Hebert


Louisiana Volleyball Coaches All State Team

Shea Hebert

Hillary Washington


LVCA All State Coach of the Year

Coach Terry Hebert