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Important Reminders for the 2010-2011 School Year
Please read the following reminders carefully in order to assist your student with a successful school year.


ID CARDS – All students will be required to wear their ID on campus at all times on a school-issued lanyard. Students will receive their ID cards and lanyards at orientation on August 9-10.  Students WILL NOT be admitted to any class without their I.D.  Students who arrive on campus without ID cards or the lanyard MUST report to the front office to purchase a temporary “peel and stick” ID for that day only at a cost of $1.00 cash (each time). NO I.O.U’s will be accepted.  A replacement ID and lanyard can be obtained in the front office for $5.00; a replacement lanyard alone can be purchased for $1.00 from Mr. Baudier. 


ABSENCES – Students may not exceed 18 absences (excused or unexcused) in any class in a school year or 9 days in a semester-long course, as mandated by state regulations. ALL student absences and tardies MUST be called in to 235-5711, ext. 100 (leave a message); faxed to 234-8057; or emailed to by 8:30 AM. An absence, whether excused or not, is recorded as an absence. Students should be aware that an excused absence merely allows the student the opportunity to make up missed work. The absence still counts as an absence. A visit to a college campus for scholarship testing, academic counseling, or spring testing counts as an absence, even though it is excused.


ORIENTATION DAY – Every student should report to orientation with a notebook and pen/pencil, as well as all required fees. Please be sure to note that three separate checks or cash are required for school fees, cafeteria payments, and reading materials. Students must be in full uniform and properly groomed in order to take pictures and go through orientation. If students are in violation of our grooming policy (hair and shaving) they will be sent home. Parents will have to come with them at another time to pay fees. Students sent home will miss taking pictures until re-take time.


ATHLETES/EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES – A student MUST be at school a minimum of three (3) classes or four (4) clock hours during the school day in order to participate in extracurricular activities, athletic practice, or competition.


MAKE-UP TESTING – Make-up tests will be given on Tuesday-Friday beginning at 6:30 AM. No student will be admitted to the testing room after 6:35 AM and all students must complete tests by 7:30 AM. For an absence of one-two days, students are expected to take the make-up test the day he/she returns to school.


CHECK OUT/CHECK IN – Students who check out during the school day WILL NOT be allowed to check back in without a note from a doctor (therapist, dentist, orthodontist, etc.). Appointments such as haircuts, driver’s license, or pictures, etc. are not acceptable. Parents are expected to notify the office in advance by phone, fax, or email if students will be checking in late or checking out for an appointment.


MESSAGES – Only emergency messages will be delivered to students during break and/or after school. Students may use the phone in the office during break, lunch, and before or after school.


PARKING FEES – The parking fee will remain at $40.00. Only 11th-12th grade students will be allowed to pay for a parking pass on Orientation Day. Once all tags are issued to 11th-12th graders, then tags will be issued to licensed 10th graders as they become eligible to drive to school.


DRUG TESTING – Students are selected by random draw. Each student will be drug screened a minimum of one time during the course of the school year. Subsequent screening is also done by a random draw from those students previously screened. All drug screen samples are sent to SECON, our drug screening company located in Lafayette.


CELL PHONES – Allowed in cars and lockers only!


SHIRTS – MUST remain tucked in at all times. This will be strictly enforced!


UNIFORM SWEATSHIRTS – Uniform sweatshirts can ONLY be purchased through the TCH Student Council. NO sweatshirt other than the TCH uniform sweatshirt can be worn during the school day, inside or outside. The only outerwear allowed on campus are school-issued or school-licensed jackets. No hooded jacket/sweatshirt or sweatshirt with pockets may be worn on campus, even on free dress days.




Thanks in advance for your continued cooperation.

Bruce C. Baudier, Assistant Principal/Discipline
Marty C. Heintz, Assistant Principal/Academics