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Teurlings Catholic develops each individual’s ability To Channel His Spirit for the glory of God.                                                                                                                                                                      Revised 9/2006


The faculty, staff, and administration of Teurlings Catholic High School strive:
To guide our students into Catholic principles of living, through the personal example of faculty and staff, through integration of these principles into the curriculum as well as through the provision of an atmosphere conducive to moral and spiritual uprightness.


To develop the whole person by encouraging honesty, integrity, development of character, strong moral principles, and recognition of one’s duty to society.


To provide a suitable guidance program for all students, allowing each one to select vocational goals, to pursue an educational program leading to these goals, and to develop an understanding of how to work to achieve these goals.


To assist students in recognizing abilities, progress, limitations, responsibilities, and capacities.


To provide programs for student involvement in the civic and religious community, thus creating a correlation among the school, community, church, and parents.


To provide a curriculum, which includes an appreciation of aesthetic values and a program of preparation for today’s technological world, allowing students to use their acquired skills upon graduation in post-secondary education or the work place.


To develop the practice of good thinking habits, not only of thinking in logical order, but also in exercising originality and creativity.


To instill our cultural heritage, developing the awareness that education is vital to global concerns.


To develop a willingness to accept responsibility and to understand the role of leadership by encouraging involvement in the religious, social, and educational aspects of school life.



We Believe:


Teurlings Catholic, focused on promoting student learning, religious formation, and personal growth, will provide an educational and spiritual environment where all individuals can grow in their knowledge of the Lord, witness His love, and thus teach, by example, His ways.


Teurlings Catholic will provide a quality Catholic educational experience by offering challenging academics, athletics, and extracurricular programs that teach students to live the message of the Gospels and the lifestyle of Jesus Christ.


Teurlings Catholic will provide a safe, supportive, and disciplined environment in the learning community that fosters an atmosphere of mutual respect, individual dignity, and self-worth.


Teurlings Catholic will assist students in discovering and developing their talents by providing a variety of instructional approaches that support their learning and a multitude of assessment opportunities that demonstrate their achievement and mastery of skills and information.


Teurlings Catholic recognizes parents as the primary educators and a spirit of cooperative collaboration between parents, students, faculty, clergy, and the community is critical to the development of the whole person.


Teurlings Catholic will prepare students to accept responsibility, to be of service to others, to be good stewards of God’s gifts, and to be responsible citizens who are active in their community and their Church.


Teurlings Catholic embraces the philosophy of continual improvement.