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TCH Grading Scale
Letter Grades Numerical Average Description Quality Points
A 94-100 Excellent 4
B 87-93 Above Average 3
C 78-86 Average 2
D 70-77 Below Average, Passing 1
F BELOW 70 Failing Work 0
I   Incompete Work 0



Grading System:

The scholastic year is divided into four quarters. The grade for each quarter is based on daily assignments, class participation, quizzes, and tests. (Extra credit work assigned after the end of the quarter is not allowed). In the computation of the student's quarter, semester, and final grade, only the one-digit fraction of .5 or greater is automatically rounded to the next higher number. Semester grades are determined by averaging the two quarter numerical grades (80%) and the semester exam grade (20%). The final grade in any course is the average of the two semester numerical grades. A numerical average of 70% or better is required to receive credit. Students who do not meet the attendance requirements will not receive credit for the course.



Grade Point Average

To determine the grade point average, the total number of quality points is divided by the number of courses taken (excluding those courses for which a grade of "Pass/Fail" is given and driver's education). All student's grades (report cards, transcripts) will be reported on a 4.0 scale.


Grades for Transfer Students

All final grades are recorded on the transcript as letter grades. Grades reported in progress as percentage grades will be recorded as percentage grades. Grades reported in progress as letter grades will be recorded as percentage grades based on the midpoint of each letter category of the Teurlings Catholic grading scale.

The formula for determination of grades is as follows: Transfer grade multiplied by the number of days in the program in a quarter plus Teurlings Catholic grade times the number of days in a quarter at Teurlings Catholic divided by 45.
Example: 87(16/45) + 70(29/45) = 76.

Homebound Student Grade Policy

Students who are out of school for more than two weeks for serious medical and/or psychological conditions, accident injuries, or surgery may be asked by the Academic Assistant Principal to enter the Homebound program through the public school system. Guidance counselors will work with families to facilitate the process.   Grades for homebound work will be submitted by the local public school system and those grades will be averaged as necessary into the Teurlings Catholic report card grades.


Correspondence, Dual Enrollment and Louisiana Virtual School Courses

While enrolled at Teurlings Catholic High School, the student may be allowed to take correspondence courses through an accredited university to remediate a required course or for elective credit. Level counselors and the assistant principal/academics must approve. Teurlings Catholic High School sets the deadline for completion of course.


Students may also schedule courses for elective credit through the Louisiana Virtual School. Students may not schedule an LVS course that is also offered on campus. Coursework for LVS courses and grading are completed on-line. LVS students receive semester and final grades only and grading in these courses is cumulative. Unofficial LVS status grades, as provided by LVS, are included on TCHS quarterly report cards only to determine academic probation status. A fee of $150 per course is required, paid by check to Louisiana Virtual School prior to the start of the academic year.

Teurlings Catholic does not assess grades for LVS courses but accepts the grades assigned by LVS. All grade corrections and disputes must be handled by the student directly with LVS according to the guidelines and deadlines posted on the LVS website. Additionally, students in the LVS program at Teurlings Catholic High School must adhere to all LVS requirements, as stated in the individual student agreement signed with the Louisiana Virtual School. Students must meet all LVS course requirements and prerequisites as stated by LVS.

Students in Dual Enrollment courses receive grades from Teurlings Catholic for the appropriate high school work as well as from the university granting college credit. Grades for those courses are determined by the university criteria. Students are reminded that all Dual Enrollment grades will be included on all future college transcripts and may affect a student’s TOPS status the first semester of college. Students who fail a Dual Enrollment course or who wish to improve a DE grade may do so at their expense by attending a subsequent semester at the university. Dual Enrollment students must follow all guidelines, including those for plagiarism, student dishonesty, and prerequisites, as set by the individual university, as well as all Teurlings Catholic guidelines.




Class Ranking

Teurlings Catholic High School ranks its students in deciles. No individual rank will be given.





Academic Accountability:


Academic Honesty and Plagiarism

Students are expected to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty. This includes work on research papers, homework, and other assignments as well as on tests. Students should refrain from loaning computer files and/or access to other students. If work has been copied, there is assumed guilt on the part of all students involved. Student work or behavior that, in the opinion of the teacher, is a violation of academic honesty will be subject to the consequences of the cheating rule. Students should have a strong desire to do their best and not to take credit for the efforts of another student.


Plagiarism is defined as the intentional or unintentional taking and use of ideas, passages, etc. from another's work, representing them as one's own. Plagiarism is not tolerated at Teurlings and a grade of "0" is given for each instance of unintentional plagiarism. Intentional plagiarism is subject to disciplinary penalties in addition to the academic penalties.


Academic Probation

Students are placed on Academic Probation if and when they receive a "D", an "F", or a "I" at the midpoint of any quarter or on the quarterly or semester report card. The student will not be allowed to be excused from that class for any extracurricular activity until the next reporting period at which time the grade must be a "C" or better. In addition, the student is encouraged to meet with the grade level counselor and/or the Assistant Principal of Academics. Arrangements can be made at that time for tutoring. Incomplete grades carry the value of an "F" grade until all work is completed.


Report Cards

Report Cards are available at the end of each nine weeks period. Students who receive an "I", a "D" or an "F" will be placed on Academic Probation. Each student will be encouraged to schedule an appointment with his or her counselor. Academic Probation also carries the consequence that a student may not miss that class for extra-curricular functions. Parents are urged to contact the teacher of the subject involved. Parents may check grades at any time through the RenWeb system.


Failure Letters

After the third quarter report cards, failure letters will be mailed to the parents of any student in danger of failing a subject for the year.


Make Up Work/Tests

Students are responsible for initiating and completing makeup work in any/all classes missed, regardless of the reason for the absence. Make up work must be initiated and completed by the student, unless the teacher makes other arrangements with the student. Violations of this policy may result in a grade of zero (0). All makeup work should be completed with the teacher within three days of the student's return to school with the exception of tests. Makeup tests are given Tuesday through Friday at 6:30 a.m. Students must take makeup tests at the first makeup test session following their return to school. Students with multiple makeup tests are required to take a minimum of one test each morning until all tests are completed.


Extracurricular Activities

Students who are placed on Academic Probation or who have a "D" or "F" in conduct will not be excused from that class to participate in extracurricular activities until the next grading period. A student must also attend at least three classes per day to participate in any extracurricular activity. Legitimate exceptions to this policy may only be granted by the principal or the assistant principals. In the event payment under the monthly tuition plan is delinquent two months, a student will be removed from participation in any and all extracurricular activities.





Monitoring Student Grades











Teachers update grades in RenWeb every two weeks. Academic probation is calculated at the midpoint of the quarter and progress reports are posted on RenWeb, according to dates posted in the school calendar. Students with a grade of D, F or I at the time are considered to be on academic probation.

Student should check grades on RenWeb and students on Academic Probation should meet with their academic counselor or the academic assistant principal, as well as the teacher.

Parent urged to contact the teacher in the event of Academic Probation.

Progress Reports and Report Cards are available on RenWeb according to the dates and method on the calendar. Students with a grade of D, F or I at the time are considered to be on academic probation.

1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter progress reports and quarter report cards are available on RenWeb.  Students on Academic Probation are strongly encouraged to meet with their teacher and counselor. End of the year Report Cards are mailed home.

The 1st quarter report card is available on RenWeb. Parents are notified of any student placed on Academic Probation. Parents are urged to set up a conference with the teacher and encouraged to talk with the level Guidance Counselor.

Conduct grades of A or B.

Student receives these grades on their report card.

Parents encouraged to review all grades, contact teacher if there are questions.

Conduct grade of C. Teacher will issue referral to the student.

Student must bring referral to parents for signatures.

Parents requested to sign referral and contact teacher.

Conduct grade of D. Teacher referral processed by assistant principal. Out of class suspension.

Student must bring referral to parents for signatures. Out of class suspension.

Parents requested to sign referral and contact teacher.

Conduct grade of F. Parents are called. Out of school suspension issued.

Out of school suspension issued.

Parents requested to meet with the assistant principal.



Exam Exemption Privilege

Students participating (any grade level) in state literary rally and taking a comprehensive subject test may be exempt from the final examination in the subject of their participation. Seniors with A averages for each nine weeks, and A on the mid-term exam, and all A's in conduct are eligible for exemption. In addition, students in performance classes may be exempt from exams. Exemption privilege is granted by the teacher.


Schedule Changes

The school will not consider a request for a change in the schedule unless a change is necessary:

a.   because of a scheduling error committed by the school
b.   or because your child is completing an academic course, which substantially affects some scheduled course, in the summer before the new school year
c.   or because he or she must take a course failed the previous school year and which was not available during the summer-school session

The student schedule is subject to change to balance student enrollment in certain classes and students may not request specific teachers. Note that poor performance in a course, dislike of the sequence of courses, or dislike of the teacher does not merit consideration for a change. Schedule change consideration will take place prior to August 1.



Homework assignments are given at the discretion of the teacher. Homework aids the learning process and assists the students in the development of self-discipline through effective time management. Compliance is mandatory for all student assignments. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain assignments when absent by calling fellow students. Homework assignments may be viewed by parents or students by accessing RenWeb.


Homework Policy

Homework assignments are available for parents and students to view in RenWeb.  Teachers also post homework assignments on the boards in their classrooms.

1. The purposes of homework are:

  • To ensure that work taught in class is thoroughly learned and practiced

  • To give practice in creative thinking

  • To provide opportunities for students to learn to work alone, to help themselves, to solve problems and learn self-discipline

  • To reveal to the student the weakness in his or her studies so that he or she may ask teachers how to overcome the weaknesses

2. Regular homework is set for each night of the school week.

  • There is no such thing as "No Homework".

  • There is always homework in the form of:

    • Revision

    • Preparation for future lessons

    • Personal research work

    • Study

    • Reading novels

    • Preparation for tests, exams, etc.

3. Some recommendations are that:

  • Homework should be constant not irregular, spaced rather than bunched

  • Homework should be interesting, enjoyable, demanding, challenging and, above all, educative and meaningful. It is not work for work's sake.

  • Homework should also be varied:

    • in action it can be reading, writing, thinking, studying, repetition, research, watching, exploring, etc.

    • in direction and scope it can be specific or vague.

    • in format it can be nightly, weekly, by quarter, assignment or project style.

  • Teachers should check and correct all homework that they assign.

  • Parents should be contacted if students repeatedly fail to do homework.

  • Parents should take an active role in monitoring homework.

4. The amount of time spent on homework will depend on the student's ability, grade, and difficulty of course.

5. All homework is graded, either for completion or, at the teacher's discretion on review material, for correctness.





Failure/ Retention

Students failing one or two required courses, in order to return the following year, will be required to successfully make up one (1) in summer school immediately following the failure.  A minimum grade of “D” is required for successful completion of a summer school course.  Those who have failed two (2) courses will be advised as to how to remediate the second course by their guidance counselor and/or academic assistant principal. Students must be on track to meet all graduation requirements by the end of the senior year. As a result, any student failing three (3) or more required subjects for the year may not be allowed to continue as a student at Teurlings Catholic.  All summer school credits must meet Louisiana State Board of Education and Diocesan requirements.


Failure in Religious Studies

Teurlings Catholic High School strives to offer well-rounded study of the Christian faith as taught by the Roman Catholic Church.  A student receives full academic credit for each Religious Studies course successfully completed.  Because the study of the subject of Religious Studies is central to the identity of Teurlings Catholic High School, a failure in the subject of Religious Studies will necessitate successful completion of course objectives and requirements in a Teurlings Catholic High Summer School of Religious Studies before a student will be readmitted to TCH.  In the case of a graduating senior failing the course of Theology that student will not be granted a Teurlings Catholic High School diploma, will not participate in graduation ceremonies, and will not have any fees refunded.






Honors Courses

The honors and dual enrollment courses at Teurlings Catholic are designed to provide in-depth study in a given area. Students who are interested and meet the grade level criteria may pick up an application form from the counselor.


Placement into 9th grade Honors Courses

  • A student must have earned a 90% average or higher in the selected course at the end of the 8th grade first semester with no conduct grade lower than "C".

  • Math (H) and/or Science (H):  Using the most recent standardized test scores, a student must have scored at the 90th percentile or higher in Math and Science. 

  • English (H):  Using the most recent standardized test scores, a student must have achieved an average of 90% using the reading and language NPR . 


Placement into 10th - 12th grade Honors Courses

  • A student must have earned a 90% average or higher in the selected courses on his or her first semester Report Card and have received no conduct grade lower than "C".

  • A student must have a sub score of 23 or higher on the Pre-ACT/Plan test in the selected area.

  • A student must meet teacher recommendation requirements.



Honors Continuation Policy

  • Students currently enrolled in honors courses must reapply each year to continue in the program.

  • Grades earned for the first semester will be considered. Students in honors courses must maintain a grade of "C" or higher in the course to continue in the program.

  • Teacher recommendation for continuation in the program will be considered.



Dual Enrollment Program


The Dual Enrollment Program, run in conjunction with Louisiana Tech University and the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, allows students to earn college credit while taking courses at Teurlings Catholic. Dual Enrollment courses are considered to be honors courses at Teurlings Catholic High School and count as such in determining honor graduate status. DE courses are currently offered in English III/IV, American History, World History, and French III. Additional Dual Enrollment courses are available through the Louisiana Virtual School and a complete listing of those courses, which require the payment of an additional $150 fee, may be obtained at . Students interested in the program must score a minimum of a 22 on the ACT or PLAN Test in English and/or Reading as well as a minimum composite score of 20.  Students in French must have a minimum composite score of 20. All students in dual enrollment courses should maintain a minimum of a “B” average in the appropriate course area. Enrollment also requires a teacher recommendation. Grading in Dual Enrollment courses is conducted according to the university guidelines and all Dual Enrollment grades will appear on all subsequent college transcripts. Dual Enrollment grades may affect the individual student’s TOPS status during the first semester of college.


Fees for Dual Enrollment are set each year by the cooperating university/college and credit is issued for the colleg course by the appropriate institution, as is the college grading scale. Students, on successful completion of the course, receive credit for the high school course from Teurlings Catholic and for the college course from the university or college.



Louisiana Virtual School


**Students applying for LVS courses must be self-motivated, able to work with limited teacher direction, and must have a working knowledge of E-mail and Internet usage.  The ability to read independently and follow directions is critical.



1.             There is a $150.00 charge for LVS courses and additional charges may apply for dual enrollment courses taken through LVS.  Once scheduled, students may NOT drop the course and there is no refund of fees.
2.             Course work is completed on the computer via the INTERNET and E-MAIL. Students are free to E-mail questions to the teacher.
3.               The course period is scheduled like any other course on the TCH campus. In other words, the student must report to the computer lab at the scheduled period every day.
4.               In the case of absences and makeup assignments, students may also complete assignments in the school library during lunch and before and after school and at home using their home computer; however, the websites may not function properly without high speed Internet access. With the student’s assigned password, the course websites can be accessed from any computer.
5.               All books and materials, including a backup CD of the course, are furnished by the state as part of the $150 fee.
6.               The on-line teachers set their own schedule of assignments. There are severe penalties for not submitting work on time. The on-line teacher assigns all grades in LVS courses and that grade appears on the student’s state transcript. LVS issues official midterm and final grades only; however, an unofficial progress report, as determined by LVS, will be included on all Teurlings Catholic progress reports and report cards. LVS grading is cumulative and, as such, the grade changes with each assignment.
7.               The course work is no more demanding than regular classes; however students must be self-disciplined and
self-motivated to be successful in completing assignments on time.
8.               All students registering for LVS courses must sign the LVS Honesty and Internet Use Policies.

9.               All grades in LVS courses are determined by the online teacher and any disputes or corrections must be
                  handled by the individual student directly with LVS. Teurlings Catholic cannot change or alter LVS grades.



•                                A student must meet teacher recommendation requirements.
•                                There is no charge for the course, but students may not drop the course once they have enrolled.
•                                Student work is graded by the on-line teacher.


Refer to the school website, for scheduling information and course descriptions.







Honor Graduates

        Those students who have distinguished themselves by pursuing and successfully completing Honors courses are eligible to attain the status of “Honor Graduate.”  To achieve the distinction of Honor Graduate, a student must satisfy all of the following requirements:

  • No final average in any course lower than a 78%

  • Two years of a foreign language

  • A GPA of no less than 3.500



Teurlings Catholic will recognize the following Honor Graduates at commencement:

  1. Msgr. Charles Fortier Honor Graduates: Students with a 4.000 grade point average and 11 completed honors courses

  2. Father Bede Becnel Honor Graduates: Students with a 3.500 grade point average and  11 completed honors courses

  3. Sister Angelle Bell Honor Graduates: Students with a 3.500 grade point average and at least 9 completed honors courses  

  4. Sister Julie McDougall Honor Graduates: Students with a 3.500 grade point average



Core 4 GPA Calculator



The program of studies at Teurlings Catholic High School is based on the Catholic philosophy of education, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools standards, the requirements of the Department of Education of the State of Louisiana, and the general entrance requirements of colleges, universities, and career training programs.



Requirements for Graduation:

(and participation in graduation ceremonies)



  1. 26 units are required for graduation with a Teurlings Catholic High School diploma

  2. 24 units are required for a Catholic school diploma

  3. Taking all mid-term and final exams (unless exempt)

  4. Fulfillment of all obligations and commitments, including financial

  5. Participation in the Senior Retreat

  6. The Principal's approval

  7. Graduates must follow the Louisiana Core 4 Curriculum to meet admission requirement for entry to Louisiana colleges and universities.



Graduation Requirements



4 units

English I-IV



4 units

Theology I-IV

Social Studies

4 units

Geography, Civics, American History, World History  


4 units

Geometry, Algebra I, II, Sr. year math elective: Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Financial Math  


4 units

Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry, Sr. science elective  

Physical Education

2 units

Health/P.E. I, P.E. II



6 units


  Total Credits: 28    














4 units






4 units


Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II

The remaining unit shall come from the following:

      Financial Mathematics, Advanced Math, Pre-Calculus, Calculus




4 units


Biology I, Chemistry

The remaining 2 units shall come from the following:

      Physical Science, Biology II, Chemistry II, Earth Science,      

      Environmental Science, Physics, Physics II, Anatomy and       Physiology


Social Studies


4 units


1 unit of Civics/Free Enterprise, 1 unit of American History

1 unit from the following:

      World History, World Geography, AP European History

1 unit from the following:

      World History, World Geography, AP European History,

      Psychology, Sociology


Health  Education


½ unit



Physical Education


1½ units


Physical Education I, Physical Education II


Foreign Language


2 units


Shall be 2 units in the same language




1 unit


1 unit of Fine Arts Survey or 1 unit of Art, Dance, Music, Theatre I, Advanced Theatre, or Applied Arts






3 units








*TOPS curriculum is subject to change pending State Legislation.  We will keep you informed.





The requirements listed below are for the 2009-2010 school year and reflect changes adopted by the state in 2009.

Requirements for the Graduates of 2012-2013 do not pertain to the Graduates of 2010-2011.


Requirements for Each Year of High School



Graduates of 2016


Graduates of 2015


Graduates of 2014


Graduates of 2013

Theology I

Theology II

Theology III

Theology IV

English I

English II English III English IV

Physical Education I/ Health

Physical Education II


Geometry or Algebra I

Algebra II or Geometry

Algebra II or
Advanced Math I

Advanced Math I or II, Calculus, Financial Math

World Geography


American History

World History

Physical Science



Physics, Biology II, Anatomy and Physiology or an approved science elective

Elective (1)

Elective (1)

Electives (2)

Electives (2)

Total Credits: 7 Total Credits: 7 Total Credits: 7 Total Credits: 7







Elective Courses for Each Year of High School












Intro to Business Computer Applications



Intro to Business Computer Applications







Intro to Business Computer Applications







Intro to Business Computer Applications


Digital Graphics and Animation (LVS)


Web Mastering (LVS)


Computer Science (LVS)




Publications I






Publications I, II




Publications I, II



Art I


Fine Arts Survey


Theatre I





Art I


Fine Arts Survey


Theatre I




Advanced Theatre







Fine Arts Survey

Theatre I / Advanced Theatre




Interpersonal Communications






Fine Arts Survey

Theatre I / Advanced Theatre




Interpersonal Communications




French I

Spanish I


Latin I (LVS)



French I, II

Spanish I, II


Latin I, II (LVS)



French I, II, III

Spanish I, II


Spanish III (LVS)


Latin I, II (LVS)



French II, III

Spanish II


Spanish III (LVS)







US in the 21st Century







US in the 21st Century








Athletic P.E.





Athletic P.E.


Intro to Sports Medicine






Physics (H)


Biology II

Biology II (H)


Chemistry II (H)


Human Anatomy and Physiology (H)


Astronomy (LVS)


Environmental Science (LVS)


Earth Science (LVS)






See Math tracks



*  Visit for information regarding additional elective courses offered through the LVS program and TCH.






(for more information, click on the Department link above

each course or go to the Course Description pages)




Introduction to Business Computer Applications



English I

English I (Honors)

English II

English II (Honors)

English III

English III (Dual Enrollment)

English IV

English IV (Dual Enrollment)

Publications I (Yearbook)

Publications II/III (Yearbook)


Fine Arts:

Art I


Theatre I, Theatre II, Advanced Theatre

Interpersonal Communications

Fine Arts Survey


Foreign Language:

French I

French II

French III Dual Enrollment

Spanish I

Spanish II



Algebra I

Algebra I (Honors)


Geometry (Honors)

Algebra II

Algebra II (Honors)

Advanced Math

Advanced Math (Honors)

Advanced Math II Dual Enrollment

Financial Mathematics


Calculus (Honors)

Calculus Dual Enrollment


Physical Education:

Health & P. E. I

P. E. II

Athletic P. E. III/IV


Introduction to Sports Medicine



Physical Science

Physical Science (Honors)

Biology I

Biology I (Honors)

Chemistry I

Chemistry I (Honors)

Chemistry II (Honors)

Biology II

Biology II (Honors)

Physics (Honors)

Human Anatomy and Physiology (Honors)

Nutrition & Food

Environmental Science


Social Studies:

World Geography

World Geography (Honors)


Civics (Honors)

U.S. History

U.S. History (Honors)

U.S. History (Dual Enrollment)

World History

World History (Honors)

World History (AP)



United States in the 21st Century



Theology I - Old Testament

Theology II - Christology

Theology III - Ecclesiology

Theology IV - Ministry

Campus Ministry





This page has been updated for the Summer of 2013.


Summer Testing Dates for Summer Reading (for summer 2012)


Wednesday – June 12, from 10-11am, in the library

Wednesday – July 17, from 10-11am, in the library

Wednesday – July 31, from 10-11am, in the library

Students need to bring pencils to testing.



All students at Teurlings Catholic are required to read novels as part of their course work in English and Social Studies classes during the regular school year and in the summer. A list of the required reading for the 2013-2014 school year will be included in your fee sheet information for student orientation (mailed in July). The required reading for the summer is listed below.


Students are allowed to take only one test in class during the first week of school.  Any student may test during the summer; however Honors students and students who wish to read an additional book for extra credit must take those tests during the summer. Summer test dates are from 10:00 to 11:00 AM on Wednesday, June 12; Wednesday, July 17; and Wednesday, July 31. All summer tests will be administered in the school library. The tests are a combination of objective (multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank, etc.) and essay/short answer questions. All students must take the tests and grades for these tests are included in the 1st Quarter English grade. In addition, the diagnostic essay given to students the first week of school is based on the novel. Students in the regular English classes must read one novel while students in honors classes must read the honors selection and one of the other books for the grade level. All students have the opportunity to read an additional book from the grade level for extra credit.


Books can be purchased from any retailer. However, And Books Too is our regular vendor (prices listed are through And Books Too). They are located at 3315 Johnston Street (across from Brown’s Furniture Store), phone: (337) 984-3405.


If you have any questions about our summer reading program, please e-mail English Department Head Vivica Marino at or Assistant Principal Marty Heintz at




2013 TCH Summer Reading List


English I                              

The Hiding Place (Corrie Ten Boom)/$6.90 or Death Be Not Proud (J.Gunther)/$12.10


English I Honors               

Out of the Silent Planet (C.S. Lewis)/$12.10 and either The Hiding Place/$6.90 or Death Be Not Proud/$12.10


English II                            

And Then There Were None (A. Christie)/$6.05 or Inherit the Wind (J. Lawrence)/$6.05


English II Honors            

A Night to Remember (W. Lord)/$12.95 and either And Then There Were None/$6.05 or Inherit the Wind/$6.05


English III                           

Native Son (only parts 1and 2) (R. Wight)/$12.95 or Ethan Frome/$5.15


English III DE                    

The Crucible (A. Miller)/$11.25 and either Native Son (only parts 1and 2)/$12.95 or Ethan Frome/$5.15


English IV                           

Dracula (B. Stoker)/$4.30 or The Island of Dr. Moreau (HG Wells)/$4.30


English IV Honors            

Wuthering Heights (C. Bronte)/$5.15 and either Dracula/$4.30 or The Island of Dr. Moreau/$4.30






Freshman Vocabulary List

The Hiding Place
Death Be Not Proud
Out of the Silent Planet (Honors)
































Sophomore Vocabulary List

Inherit the Wind
And Then There Were None
A Night to Remember (Honors)
































Junior Vocabulary List

Native Son
Ethan Frome
The Crucible (Honors/DE)



















acerbic 1













Senior Vocabulary List

The Island of Dr. Moreau
Wuthering Heights (Honors/DE)








canine teeth



























This page has been updated for the Summer of 2013.