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Join Us In Worship

Everyone is invited to attend our weekly Masses and prayer services every Thursday at 8:36am in the RebelDome.


Adoration is held every 1st Friday in the Chapel from 8am to 2pm.

Email Ramey Badeaux at if you would like to sign up for an hour as an adorer.


Confession is held in the chapel every Wednesday at 10am.


Every Friday morning a rosary will be prayed for our TCH family and teens at 7:15am in the TCH chapel. We invite everyone to come and join us in prayer.


Morning Reflections, Monday - Thursday at 7:15am in the Chapel.





Campus Ministry

To Channel His Spirit For the Glory of God





Retreat Ministry (Seniors Only)

Consists of a group of selected seniors. The main purpose of the Retreat Ministry Core Team is to plan and conduct TCH and non-TCH retreats as well as monthly Rebel Revivals. 



All retreats

Rebel Revivals (see calendar for dates)

Morning Reflection



Retreat Team (Juniors and Seniors Only)

Consists of juniors and seniors with the desire to assist in leading TCH and non-TCH retreats.  This group also attends and participates in all Rebel Revivals.




Rebel Revivals

Morning Reflection




Senior Sacristans (Seniors Only)

Consists of two groups of seniors (Fall Group, Spring Group) who are trained to set up for our Liturgies on campus and to participate in



Eucharistic Ministry (Faculty and Seniors Only)

Consists of faculty members and seniors who are trained and commissioned to serve the Eucharist and Precious Blood and school Liturgies.




Music Ministry (9th – 12th)

A group of students who prepare for and lead music at all Prayer Services and Liturgies.  (Vocals, Instruments, and Sound System Tech)

* Led by Mrs. Liz Snyder




Campus Ministry Club (9th – 12th)

A group of students who plan and participate in ministry events/activities on and off campus.




Prayer Life

·         School Liturgies & Prayer Services every Thursday at 8:30am in RebelDome

·         Rebel Revivals – Ministry & Fellowship Night – 1st Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm in RebelDome (see calendar)

·         Morning reflection in chapel (Every Monday – Thursday @ 7:15am)

·         Adoration in Chapel (First Friday of every month 8:00am – 2:00pm)

·         Friday Rosaries in Chapel (Every Friday @ 7:15am for parents & students)

·         Class Prayer to begin each class period

·         Morning & Afternoon Prayer over Intercom