Tuition and Finance

Tuition Fees, Explanation of Fees, Refunds, Payment Options, Financial Assistance



Tuition Fees


Following are the 2014-2015 school term tuition rates, as determined by the TCH Advisory Council and approved by the Board of Pastors:


A payment plan and need-based financial assistance are offered to assist families who are committed to the investment of a TCH education. See Financial Assistance section for details.




 Catholic In Parish

Catholic Out of Parish










There are additional fees for registration and other expenses, which vary by grade and activity:


Registration Fee



one student (returning)/(new)



each additional student


Late Registration Penalty


Growth Fee


Senior Fee


Activity Fee


Bus Fee (optional)


Lunch Fee (optional)


Raffle Ticket (optional)






Explanation of Fees:


Non-refundable and due and payable at the time of registration. To participate in try-outs for the upcoming school term, applicant must be registered.


Parents of Catholic students must be registered, active, and contributing for the period of at least one year in one of the official owner parishes of TCH in order to qualify for the in-parish tuition rate. Tuition includes yearbook fee, class fee, Rebel Academic Backers dues, retreat fees for underclassmen, religion book, RenWeb fee, student I.D., locker rental, and drug testing fee.

Growth Fee:

An annual payment per student for the perpetual maintenance and growth of Teurlings Catholic physical plant.

Senior Fees:

Required graduation fee for students registering for twelfth grade.

Activity Fee:

Funds student admission to athletic events and theatrical productions. 

Bus Fee:

Fee is based on current fuel costs. $800 fee per student for riding the Teurlings Catholic bus; route is provided among Breaux Bridge, Teurlings Catholic and St. Genevieve Elementary and Jr. High schools.). $1000 fee per student for riding the Teurlings Catholic bus to or from St. Martinville. The maximum fee per family is $1800.

Lunch Fee:

Basic cost (no extras included) for students who eat in the school cafeteria. Amount is subject to change by Diocese. Expense may be paid with tuition or monthly to the cafeteria.

Raffle Ticket:

Admits two adults to this fundraising activity, sponsored by Teurlings Catholic and the Teurlings All Sports Club.




Delinquent accounts may prohibit your child from attending TCH the second semester. All financial obligations must be met before diplomas, transcripts and/or school records can be released to schools, colleges and employers.


Late Fee:


A late registration penalty of $200 will be assessed should you fail to register your child within the specified registration dates (in accordance with the policy adopted by the School Board in April 1999).


Additional, optional charges depend on the degree to which the student is involved in extra-curricular activities, e.g., club-specific t-shirts required for various tournaments and activities; sports equipment; SAT and ACT test fees.


For additional information about Teurlings Catholic High School contact Maria Hanes in the Admissions Office: (337) 235 - 5711, ext. 1 or 128 or .






Tuition will be refunded on a quarterly basis. Registration, building fund, yearbook, class and bus fees are not refundable.


Payment Options:

At the time of registration, two payment plans are available. One option is to pay the registration fee, tuition and all other fees in full: the second option is to pay the registration fee and sign a promissory note for all or part of the tuition and other fees, with the balance payable over a specified length of time. A late fee of $25 will be assessed once the account is 10 days past due, and students with accounts 60 days or more past due will not be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities. All accounts must be current in order for a student to take mid-term or final examinations.






Work-Study Grants

Families may apply for assistance with tuition through an annually awarded work-study grant. An application is available during registration for the following year. Determination of the grant is need-based, with a maximum award being 50 percent of tuition. Determination of the grant is made by anonymous committee members from our TCH Advisory Council; notification of grant awards is by letter from Teurlings Catholic's principal. Decisions made by the Committee are final. Grant application is yearly; renewal is not automatic.


Ninth-grade grant recipients are required to complete work hours on campus between June 1 and July 31. Upper-classmen may be assigned to teachers or staff members but must complete all grant work by May 1. The following guidelines also apply: